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GROZ Plastic Truck Drain TD-17

Designed for use with heavy-duty Trucks, Buses, RV’s & other low profile automobiles to collect waste fluids such as motor oil and transmission fluid, coolant etc. 65 litre (17 gal.) capacity reservoir moulded from robust, lightweight high-impact polyethylene. Unique & Innovative Design Low height 7-3/4" (195 mm) eliminates the need to lift the vehicle for changing oil or coolant Space saving: flat front end to store drain vertically when not in use. Top of drain designed with deep compartments for safe storage of nuts & bolts during maintenance Detachable handle Additional hangar for safe storage of handle when not in use Equipped with level indicator to indicate the volume of waste oil in the tank Removable anti-splash tray prevents solid particles/debris of above 0.10" (2.5 mm) dia. to enter into the tank Hose hanger for safekeeping the hose when not in use 4" (100 mm) nylon castors for easy movement 2 Drain Plugs Side Plug: For gravity draining Bottom Plug: For complete drainage of the tank Available in 3 Versions Truck Drain - Without Pump Truck Drain with Manual Rotary Pump Truck Drain with Electric Oil Pump Flexible impeller design electric oil pump for pumping high viscosity fluids at high flow rate UL Listed Motor with thermal overload protection Duty Cycle 45 min On / 45 min Off RECOMMENDED USE: Diesel, Kerosene, Lubricating Oil (upto SAE 90), Non Corrosive Media, Waste Fluids including Motor Oil, Transmission Fluids, Coolant etc. VARIANTS 1. GRAVITY DRAIN WETTED COMPONENTS: Polyethylene, PVC, Steel, Cast Iron, NBR, Aluminum, & Brass 2. TRUCK DRAIN WITH MANUAL ROTARY PUMP WETTED COMPONENTS: Polyethylene, PVC, Steel, Cast Iron, NBR, Aluminum, & Brass 3. TRUCK DRAIN WITH ELECTRIC OIL PUMP WETTED COMPONENTS: Polyethylene, PVC, Steel, Cast Iron, NBR, Aluminum, Brass, SS, Zamac & Neoprene

Groz Lubrication Oil Dispenser Pump

-Pump designed for transferring transmission differentials & heavier oils, Zinc plated pump body with aluminum die cast head & adjusting flange -Powder coated steel drum cover, Wear resistant brass piston rings fitted onto zinc die cast piston -Complete with 48” / 4’ fuel resistant soft PVC hose with nozzle for efficient discharge, Options available with the pump supplied complete with steel bucket in a choice of 12 & 16 litre capacity -WETTED COMPONENTS Steel, Aluminum, Zinc, Brass, NBR, PVC; RECOMMENDED USE Transmission differentials & heavier oils -DO NOT USE Water based & other corrosive media

Groz GP1 / ST / 501 / BSP Air operated grease ratio pump 50:1

-World-class Industrial High Pressure Grease pumps with guaranteed performance & hassle free operation -Pump dispenses Grease at pressures upto 50 times the Air inlet pressure -Designed to work in tough conditions - these are ideal for use in Industry, workshop, farm, construction or as part of the Mobile Grease system -All metal construction, fully CNC machined with hardened wear resistant moving parts -Reciprocating piston operated 2-1/2” (63 mm) dia. Air Motor -Fitted with strainer at suction tube inlet for clean grease to the bearing -Supplied complete with Drum Cover, rubber lined follower plate, 7' (84”) of high pressure grease hose, Z swivel & professional grease control valve -Portable version available with built-in steel drum, complete with wheels & pull handle -WETTED COMPONENTS Steel, Brass, Aluminium, & Polyurethane

Groz GIR/HD/B Lever Grease Gun Heavy Duty

-Material: Solid aluminum grease gun head fitted with air bleeder and bulk loader valves -Unique lock lever mechanism: Allows user to easily lock plunger rod in any position -Feature: Resists back pressure, especially useful in chain tightening of earth moving equipment -Multiple loading: Cartridge, suction fill and filler pump via the bulk loader -Design: 1,2 mm thick steel barrel with heavy duty follower spring, cnc machined head and rolled threads for fast and easy reloading

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