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BETEX Cone Heater, CH Series

Electric heating is a safe alternative to traditional methods such as hammering, oil baths or blow torches. Suitable for the heating of gear wheels, bushings, couplings and other round metal workpieces.

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Models with thermometer (CHC)

If your budget is limited, the BETEX Cone Heater is an affordable alternative to other heating systems. Easy to use and suitable for various sizes (9 different sizes), ranging from Ø 10 mm / 0.39 inch to Ø 203 mm / 7.99 inch.

BETEX's Cone Heater features a lightweight aluminium housing that is good for quick and even heating

  • Temperature control: with temperature preset to 120°C / 248 °F

  • Thermostat feature: the unit will keep the bearing at a preset temperature

BETEX Cone heater
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