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BETEX's Induction Heaters

"Our induction heaters are used around the world, are realiable and user friendly"


-According to BEGA, they develop and manufactures BETEX induction heaters for professtional use in industry and industrial services.

BEGA is a well known manufacturer for it's in house BETEX induction heater brand that fits the purpose of use by many professional industries.

BETEX has a wide range of induction heaters from 1200W hand held heaters to industrial size, 100 kVA heaters

At YKB, majority of BETEX Induction Heater models are around 50/60Hz

Advantages of the design and manufacturing behind BETEX's induction heaters

  • Hassle free and ease of mind for the user when the workpiece is to be heated for mounting and dismounting

  • Modern method of electric heating guarantees zero emmision

  • Energy saving alternative to traditional methods

  • Robust design that guarantees strength and rigidity for industrial environments

  • Use for sealed (2RS-ZZ) and pre-lubricated bearings

  • Automatic power reduction

  • Automatic demagnetization to <2A/cm

  • Automatic reheat mode feature

  • 3-year manufacturer's warrenty on electronic unit

BETEX's Portable Induction Heaters 

Light weight construction, fit for purpose in workshops and on site installation

Areas Of Application:

  • Technical services

  • MRO-organisation

  • Service engineers

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