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Industrial Machinery

NTN carries a diversity of parts for industrial machineries in all sorts of fields such as agricultural machinery, wind turbines, robots, aircrafts, railway rolling stocks, machine tools, and electronic equipment to reduce the environmental impact. NTN continues to contribute towards to development of industry, making a more sustainable society as well as labor saving for manufacturers.


As business for MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul), NTN sells bearings for repair such as mining, paper manufacturing, steel, and food machinery. We contribute to the stable operation of our customers' facilities around the world through a comprehensive product lineup and a prompt delivery system.

NTN Colour.jpg
NTN Colour.jpg
NTN Precision Rolling Bearings.PNG
NTN Colour.jpg
NTN Needle Rolling Bearings.PNG
NTN Colour.jpg
NTN HKF type drawn cup needle roller bearings.PNG
NTN Colour.jpg
NTN spherical roller bearings.PNG
NTN Colour.jpg
NTN Spherical roller bearings with high-strength cage.PNG

Railway and Transit Solutions

Railway Solutions with promising performance. From the London Underground to the Shinkansen in Tokyo, NTN-SNR is your solution to railway maintenance and systems.

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