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Stainless steel ball bearings mounted in stainless stell housings or thermoplastic housings glass ball with plastic bearing mounted in Thermoplastic housings

Stainless steel and corrosion resistance bearings

Stainless steel bearings are highly resistant towards corrosion in damp condition (high moisture conditions).

Resistant towards extreme low and high temperatures especially in cryogenic conditions.

Easily serviceable, suitable for use in hospitals, foods, algriculture, and pharmaceutical processing facilities.

Stainless steel natec bearings.PNG
Ceramic NATEC bearing.PNG

Ceramic bearings

The ball bearings in ceramic bearings are made of silicon nitride, which can be more precisely manufactured when compared to normal steel ball bearing in stainless stell bearings.
This means the silicon nitride balls are made to be rounder, overall smoother, and output higher performance.

Ceramic bearings are built to be more durable than any stainless steel bearing due to the hardness in the material.

Thermoplastic and stainless steel ball bearings units

Stainless steel ball bearing mounted in stainless stell housings or thermoplastic housings glass ball with plastic bearing mounted in thermoplastic housings.


The thermoplastic and stainless steel ball bearing unit are anti-corrosive, water/chemical resistant light-weight housings.

Billow Block NATEC.PNG
Linear Guide Motion Natec.PNG

Linear Bushings

Linear bushings are commonly used for processes that require high load capacity, strength, and smoothness.

The features include a precise rolling elements, profile rails that smoothly moves the bearing block or carriage to move the block along the rail.

Precision Rolled Ball Screw

Precision Rolled Ball Screws are widely used in many industries due to the fact that they are able to carry out heavy static and dynamic loads whilst operating at fast efficient speeds.

Precision Rolled Ball Screws are extremely low friction and do not generate the heat that can degrade the nut and accelerate wear.

This is suitable for high-accuracy and repeatability operations

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