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Flex 125

Suitable for use for all application inside or outside at temperatures ranging from -20 °C to +60 °C. Perma Flex lubrication system is a reliable operating principle is based on an electrochemical reaction. Discharge period setting is flexible and can be adjusted from 1 – 12 months using the dial on top of the lubricator.

perma FLEX is a single-point lubrication system for all types of applications and industries. Ingress protection to IP 68 level guarantees reliable lubrication in extremely dusty and moist environments. The wide operating temperature range makes it suitable for many applications indoors and outdoors. If necessary, the discharge period can be adjusted even after activation. It can be switched off during longer non-operation periods.

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Area of Application

Conveyors Lubrication Points

Perma lubrication systems ensures that your processes are not compromised. A smooth operation requires the need of functioning conveyor at all times. Costly repairs and service visits represent a significant part of operating costs, which can be minimised significantly by using Perma Lubrication Systems.

Perma Flex 125 can also be applicable to fields that utilizes pumps. Many industrial application requires the needs of a pump. A failing pump can often interrupt the entire work or production process. Appropriate lubrication, safeguarding the work and production process of the pump, is a decisive factor of smooth operation.

Perma conveyor lubrication points.PNG
Perma Flex 125 operation.PNG

Pumps Lubrication Points

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Almost every industry uses a form of blower or fan. Blowers and fans are crucial when it comes down to a smooth operation. They will provide adequate amounts of primary and secondary air. Flue gas fans remove air containing dust, gases and harmful substances. To ensure an always smooth and low maintenance operation, Perma Flex 125 is the perfect lubrication for this field.

Blowers/Fans lubrication points

Perma Flex 125 operation.PNG
Perma Flex 125 operation 2.PNG
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